Joint Commission Introduces New Ambulatory Antimicrobial Stewardship Requirements

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The Joint Commission has announced new antimicrobial stewardship requirements for accredited ambulatory healthcare organizations that routinely prescribe antimicrobial medications.

The elements of performance (EPs) associated with new standard MM.09.01.03 — "Antimicrobial stewardship is identified as an organizational priority" — will become effective Jan. 1, 2020.

As noted in a Joint Commission news release, the five EPs associated with this standard address the following:

  • Identifying an antimicrobial stewardship leader

  • Establishing an annual antimicrobial stewardship goal

  • Implementing evidence-based practice guidelines related to the antimicrobial stewardship goal

  • Providing clinical staff with educational resources related to the antimicrobial stewardship goal

  • Collecting, analyzing, and reporting data related to the antimicrobial stewardship goal

The Joint Commission noted stated that these new requirements are intended to "help decrease misuse of antimicrobial medications, which contributes to antibiotic resistance and adverse drug events."

Access the prepublication version of the antimicrobial stewardship requirements here.