At ICCS, it's our firm belief that reputation is critical to success. We welcome you to watch video testimonials from some recent clients we've worked with. Also, we invite you to read gracious written testimonials (appear below the videos) many of our other clients have provided on our behalf.



To the Infection Control Consulting Services team:

I want to thank you for your support and guidance in contributing to our success in passing the tri-annual Joint Commission survey. It was a collaborative team effort. The IC department had no findings. The ICCS team was amazing. Thanks again!

Jurema Laboy, Director of Nursing
Port St. Lucie Hospital

To Phenelle Segal, ICCS President:

I wanted to let you know our director of nursing was praised by AAAHC as they said "This is the best infection control program we have seen." They were so impressed with our infection prevention designee as well. Congratulations!

Linda Goss, Administrator
Riddle Surgical Center

To the Infection Control Consulting Services team:

We did it. We had our AAAHC accreditation survey last week and it went great. Although we felt prepared and good about what we do, it is always a bit nerve-wracking to have the surveyors in house looking at everything. The good news is that we did wonderful. Our surveyor was very complimentary and positive about all our departments but was particularly positive about our infection control plan and policies. Thanks to the ICCS team for all your time and efforts to help us be in tiptop shape.

We are so thrilled with the outcome of our survey that we wanted to say thank you. We appreciate all your help and support. As I am sure you often hear, it has been great having you there to bounce ideas off of or get clarification. Having you come through and complete audits allowed us to find areas that could be improved before the survey took place.

We thank you so much for all you did for us at Red Hills. We know we are better because of you.

Thank you!

Dan Stannard, RN, Director of Nursing
Red Hills Surgical Center

To Phenelle Segal, ICCS President:

Our survey went amazing. We were approved for a three-year accreditation. The surveyor was very impressed with your infection control report. Kudus to you and your team. Thank you for all you do for us.

Paula Solipaca, Administrator
Jefferson Surgical Center at the Navy Yard

To Phenelle Segal, ICCS President:

Just wanted to inform you that we just completed our Medicare survey and it went well. We were well prepared and there were no infection control issues to point out. We thank you for your ongoing support and assistance.

Don Ocava, RN, Administrator
Vincera Surgery Center

To Phenelle Segal, ICCS President:

Thanks for your webinar presentation to our group. It was a wealth of valuable information and the feedback I have received thus far has staff wishing you had been onsite to present. We will do that next time! It was a pleasure working with you and having you be a part of our 2017 Primrose Nurses Conference. Thanks again!

Kathy Gerdes, Executive Director of Nursing
Primrose Retirement Communities

Phenelle: Our AAAHC survey went amazingly well! Can't thank you enough!

Karen Spencer, Chief Executive Officer
Virginia Eye Consultants

"Clear and simplified presentation of a complex topic."

"Excellent presenter! I always learn something new!"

"Exceptional speaker, very much enjoyed her presentation."

"Great presentation. Highly technical made understandable."

"Great Speaker. Great Information."

"Really enjoyed this presentation, very educated with valuable information."

"I always learn something from Phenelle!"

"Please have Ms. Segal back next year."

Highlights of feedback from attendees of ASCA 2016 pre-meeting workshop on
"The Role of Infection Prevention and Control in an ASC QAPI Program"

To Phenelle Segal, ICCS President:

"Thank you so much for being there for us! The Joint Commission surveyor was incredibly impressed by you and the documents you produced. We could not have made it without you. You are an asset to the facility, and I cannot thank you enough." 

Christina McDonald, MHA, Facility Administrator
Tampa Outpatient Surgical Facility

To Phenelle Segal, ICCS President:

"I wanted to thank you again for all of your advice and support. I thought you would like to know that we were visited by CMS and then three days later we were visited by Joint Commission. In the Joint Commission follow up, they stated that they had no findings. I have no doubt that you played a big part in that."

Sean Farley, MBA, CMRP, Director, Organizational Procurement
Virginia Mason Medical Center

"We cannot say enough positive things about Phenelle and the work that she did for Pomegranate Health Systems. Not only did she get us in compliance for our Joint Commission survey, her expertise in this area was invaluable to our IC nurse. Thank you!"

Angela Nickell, MS, CEO,
Pomegranate Health Systems

"We've deeply appreciated Phenelle Segal's depth of expert knowledge, engaging and substantive presentations, responsiveness and extra efforts to accommodate our special circumstances at times."

Paula Griswold, Executive Director,
Massachusetts Coalition for the Prevention of Medical Errors

"Phenelle has been a consultant to the Health Care Improvement Foundation and has supported the design and implementation of a number of multi-year, HAI collaboratives in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Her knowledge and experience in HAI prevention and management, her relationships with national experts and local collaborative teams, and her insight and tenacity undoubtedly contributed to the success of each of the collaboratives she supported."

Pam Braun, RN, MSN, Senior Director of Patient Safety Partnerships and Initiatives, Health Care Improvement Foundation

"Phenelle has been instrumental in helping the Patient Safety Authority turn PA’s HAI reporting requirements into reality and launching the most ambitious state infection surveillance program in the country. She's brought a great deal of passion and energy to our program as well as her clinical expertise."

Michael Doering, Executive Director,
Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority

"Phenelle's expertise in surveillance of healthcare-associated infections together with her meticulous work ethic, exceptional people skills, and love of teaching, is a true asset to Lankenau Hospital. She is a vital member of our Infection Control team."

Amy Hughes, BSN, CNOR, Infection Control Manager,
Lankenau Hospital, Wynnewood, PA

"Phenelle is an excellent speaker and I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation. She obviously has a passion for LTC and infection control. It was wonderful to attend a seminar which is strongly geared to LTC."

"Excellent program – well presented, very understandable and usable. Looking forward to purchasing manual if at all possible."

"Excellent presentation – I found the information very helpful to my everyday nursing practice."

"Excellent knowledgeable presentation. Learned new infection control information and techniques."

"Very informative information. It is “assumed” that everyone understands, so this really helped."

PADONA Seminar Attendee Comments

"Phenelle is a great educator and patient advocate. Her unique ability to assess organizational dynamics, in addition to her wonderful people skills, made for an effective development and rapid implementation of our Infection Control Program. She took the Hospital to a new level of safety and continuous process improvement."

David N. Horwich, MD, Chairman,
Infection Control Committee, Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital, PA

"Phenelle is an outstanding Infection Control Practitioner who successfully implemented major changes to our Infection Control Program. Her extraordinary educational and communication skills resulted in increased compliance from hospital and medical staff with respect to Infection Control Practices. Her motivation, competence and expertise resulted in lower infection rates and increased patient safety."

Dewey Keel, DLM, MS, MT(ASCP), Director,
Laboratory, Los Angeles, CA

"As an administrator of a hospital, I appreciate and stress the critical need for an effective and efficient Infection Control Program as an integral component of overall patient safety, and cost reduction. 1 in 6 patients will acquire a nosocomial infection, and greater than 100,000 will die annually from those infections. The key for our facility in Los Angeles was Phenelle, who in both my administrative and clinical experience, was the greatest Infection Control Practitioner that I have ever worked with. Her knowledge base is exceptional, and she had tremendous rapport and support from the physician, nursing and ancillary staff."

Peter Aprato, Pharm. D, FACHE, Administrator,
Centinela Freeman Regional Medical Center, Los Angeles

"Phenelle's expert knowledge, stellar people skills, wonderful method of teaching staff and dedication to her cause, allowed her to impart her knowledge and make a difference to many people’s lives (patients, their families and staff)."

Joyce B. RN, BSN, Baltimore, MD

"Phenelle's presentation was amazing. She was very educational and witty, and the information was so relevant to my work."

"Phenelle is an excellent speaker with a great sense of humor! She's very knowledgeable and provides great coverage of critical issues."

"Phenelle was an amazing speaker, and she was very open to sharing information and resources even after her presentation. I have lots of great information to share with my surgery center and best practices to implement."

"It is apparent that Phenelle is passionate and very knowledgeable in her subject area. She kept the attention of the audience the entire time. I would definitely attend another session where she is speaking."

Highlights of feedback from attendees of ASCA 2015 presentation on
"Infection Control: Confronting New And Existing Challenges During Surveys And Daily Practice"