CDC Offers New, Free Online Infection Control Training Resources


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced the availability of new, complimentary online interactive infection control training.

"Let's Talk Patient Safety: Reducing Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI) Transmission Risk" is designed to help healthcare professionals identify infection risks and prevent the spread of HAIs.

The training provides free continuing education: 0.1 CEU and 0.6 CNE. It has two modules, with CDC estimating that it takes about 30 minutes to complete the training.

The modules are described as follows:

"What's the Risk?": This interactive module transports healthcare professionals into a scenario where they must identify infection risks and act to protect patients, colleagues and visitors.

"Chain of Infection": This story-based interactive module challenges professionals to break the chain of infection in a busy healthcare environment and educates them on the consequences of not following infection prevention and control recommendations.

The training is intended for administrators, advanced practice nurses, licensed practical/vocational nurses, medical assistants, other health educators, registered nurses and all other healthcare professionals involved in patient care.

Access this new infection prevention course here.