Phenelle Segal, founder of ICCS, is a renowned expert in the field of infection control and prevention services. Publications, both in print and online, regularly call on Phenelle to provide content for their publications. Drawing from her real-world experiences and best practices, Phenelle shares with her readers valuable information on a variety of topics.

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2018 Articles

10 common infection prevention and control deficiency findings in healthcare facilities (Becker’s Clinical Leadership & Infection Control, September)

White Paper: Nasal Decolonization's Broadening Application: Replacing Contact Precautions (Infection Control Today, March)

What Did We Learn from the Ebola Scare? (ADVANCE for Nurses, January)


2017 Articles

Improving Reprocessing Compliance: 5 Steps to Take (AORN's Ambulatory Insider, November)

White Paper: Nasal Decolonization's Broadening Application: Replacing Contact Precautions (Infection Control Today)

A Deep Dive Into Surface Disinfection (Outpatient Surgery Magazine, October)

The Power to Prevent SSIs (Outpatient Surgery Magazine, June)

What Caused Mold to Grow in Sterilization Sink? (Outpatient Surgery Magazine, June)

The Nose Knows: Stop Staph Where It Lurks (Outpatient Surgery Magazine, January)


2016 Articles

Getting in Gear: Anti-Microbial Stewardship – Not Just for Hospitals Anymore (The Joint Commission's Ambulatory Buzz blog, October)

The Role of Personal Protective Equipment in Infection Prevention History (Infection Control Today, October)

Splash, Soap, Rinse, Dry: How to assess hand hygiene and stay compliant (ASC Focus, September)

3 challenges ASC face in multidisciplinary antibiotic stewardship program implementation (Becker's Infection Control & Clinical Quality, July)

CMS Surveys: A Primer for the Infection Preventionist (Infection Control Today, June)

Where to Focus Your Infection Prevention Efforts (Outpatient Surgery Magazine, June)

Infection prevention in 2016: 10 key areas of focus (Becker's Infection Control & Clinical Quality, January)


2015 Articles

If your facility utilizes reusable medical devices, the time to review your reprocessing procedures is now. Here's why. (NurseCompetency, September)

CMS Revises ASC Infection Control Surveyor Worksheet: Q&A with Phenelle Segal of Infection Control Consulting Services (AmkaiSolutions, September)

Infection Prevention Strategies: 5 Areas of Focus (AORN's OR Exec, August)

CMS to Scrutinize ASC Infection Control Efforts (Outpatient Surgery Magazine, July)

Mitigating Risk When the Unthinkable Happens (Infection Control Today, May)

Education, dedication, planning: Preventing infection in the ASC (Healthcare Purchasing News, May)

Women Leaders in the ASC Industry to Know (Becker's ASC Review, April)


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