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2016 Articles

Getting in Gear: Anti-Microbial Stewardship – Not Just for Hospitals Anymore (The Joint Commission's Ambulatory Buzz blog, October)

The Role of Personal Protective Equipment in Infection Prevention History (Infection Control Today, October)

Splash, Soap, Rinse, Dry: How to assess hand hygiene and stay compliant (ASC Focus, September)

3 challenges ASC face in multidisciplinary antibiotic stewardship program implementation (Becker's Infection Control & Clinical Quality, July)

CMS Surveys: A Primer for the Infection Preventionist (Infection Control Today, June)

Where to Focus Your Infection Prevention Efforts (Outpatient Surgery Magazine, June)

Infection prevention in 2016: 10 key areas of focus (Becker's Infection Control & Clinical Quality, January)


2015 Articles

If your facility utilizes reusable medical devices, the time to review your reprocessing procedures is now. Here's why. (NurseCompetency, September)

CMS Revises ASC Infection Control Surveyor Worksheet: Q&A with Phenelle Segal of Infection Control Consulting Services (AmkaiSolutions, September)

Infection Prevention Strategies: 5 Areas of Focus (AORN's OR Exec, August)

CMS to Scrutinize ASC Infection Control Efforts (Outpatient Surgery Magazine, July)

Mitigating Risk When the Unthinkable Happens (Infection Control Today, May)

Education, dedication, planning: Preventing infection in the ASC (Healthcare Purchasing News, May)

Women Leaders in the ASC Industry to Know (Becker's ASC Review, April)

2014 Articles

UPMC Presbyterian, AGH identified as spots for suspected Ebola patients (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, October)

Local Infections Specialist Speaks Out on Ebola Outbreak (CBS 12 News television interview, October)

Infection Specialist Says US Needs to Do a Better Job Fighting Ebola (CBS 12 News television interview, October)

Stemming the threat of MDROs (Long-Term Living, October)

Health officials work to prevent spread of Ebola (ABC News 25 television interview, October)

Phenelle Segal Interviewed on Ebola by Pittsburgh's KDKA-CBS Radio (radio interview, October)

Ebola threat in U.S., and we're not prepared to contain it, experts warn (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, October)

Upcoming ASCQR influenza vaccination process of care measure: What ASCs need to know (Becker's ASC Review, September)

Women Leaders in the ASC Industry to Know (Becker's ASC Review, August)

Medical Waste: A Review of the Essentials for the Infection Preventionist (Infection Control Today, August)

10 Thoughts on Improving Infection Control in the ASC (Becker's Infection Control and Clinical Quality, June)

10 Leaders to Know in the ASC Industry (Becker's ASC Review, April)

Infection Prevention and Medicare: Make sure that your program meets and exceeds the standards (ASC Focus, March) (Membership required for access)

One on one with Phenelle Segal RN CIC (Long-Term Living, January)


2013 Articles

"Real Life" Issues in Dental Practice: The Findings of a Consultant (Montgomery-Bucks Dental Society Bulletin, November)

235 People in the ASC Industry to Know (Becker’s ASC Review, November)

VA Pittsburgh often delayed reporting Legionnaires' cases to state, records show (Pittsburgh Tribune Live, June)

Leaders of Tomorrow: Phenelle Segal, RN, CIC (Long-Term Living, May)

7 Keys to Effective Decontamination (Outpatient Surgery Magazine, May) (Complimentary account required for access)

House bill introduced to require VA reporting of Legionnaires' and other infectious diseases (Trib Live, April)

Conquering C. difficile in LTC (Long-Term Living, April)

IV-Site Care (Healthcare Purchasing News, January)

Expecting New AHRQ tool to Focus Attention on C. diff Infection Rates (Inside the Joint Commission, January)


2012 Articles

Fast Turnover: 10 Unsafe Practices (AORN Newsroom, November)

Battling Superbugs with the Basics (Outpatient Surgery Magazine, July) (Complimentary account required for access)

Surgical Tell-All: When the Infection Control Consultant Becomes the Patient (SurgiStrategies, May)

How Well Do You Know Your Low-Temperature Sterilization Options? (Outpatient Surgery Magazine, April) (Complimentary account required for access)

Let's Grade Your Infection Control Program (Outpatient Surgery Magazine, January) (Complimentary account required for access)

Do Soiled Briefs of a C. diff Patient Go in Red Bag or Regular Waste? (Becker's ASC Review, January)


2011 Articles

Keeping Wheels Clean in the Sterile Suite: December 2011

Cost Effective Betadine Whlle Still Meeting Infection Control Standards: November 2011

Who in the OR Should Wear Sterile Gowns?: October 2011

What Types of Curtains Should Be Used in Patient Bays?: October 2011

Does an ASC Need a Director of Nursing: October 2011

10 Commandments for Preventing SSIs: September 2011

44 Great Presidents, CEOs & Company Founders in the Surgery Center Industry: August 2011

14 Solutions to Address Documented Surgery Center Infection Control Deficiences: August 2011

What Caused this Surgical Site Infection?: August 2011

Hand Hygiene Checklist: 5 Suggestions for Process Improvement: June 2011

Storage and Access of Multi-Dose Medications Used for More Than One Patient: Q&A with Phenelle Segal of Infection Control Consulting Services: June 2011

Safe Injection Practices Checklist: 12 Critical Rules to Follow: April 2011

Skin and Soft-Tissue Infections in Long-Term Care: March 2011


2010 Articles

Management of MRSA in Ambulatory Surgery Facilities: June 2010

Clostidium Difficile Infections in Nursing Homes: March 2010

Infection Prevention Consulting: Do You Have What It Takes?: February 2010


2009 Articles

Successful Reduction of Ventilator-Assisted Pneumonia: June 2009

Successful Reducation of Healthcare-Associated MRSA Infection Rates: March 2009


2008 Articles

Multidrug-Resistant-Organisms - Strategies to Reduce Infection: December 2008

Hand Hygiene Practices and the Use of Alcohol-Based Sanitizers: September 2008


2007 Articles

Consultant Well-Poised for PA's New Infection Control Law - Phenelle Segal: September 2007

Clostridium Difficile Associated Disease (CDAD) - CEU Offering: June 2007