Joint Commission Infection Control Standards Challenge Home Care Providers, Nursing Care Centers

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As we recently reported, ambulatory healthcare organizations and office-based surgery practices accredited by The Joint Commission have struggled mightily to comply with some infection control standards. This is apparent from The Joint Commission's release of its most challenging requirements for the first half of 2019.

These organizations are not alone. Home care providers and nursing care centers also had infection control requirements identified most frequently as "not compliant" during Joint Commission surveys and reviews from January through June.

For home care providers, IC.02.01.01 (The organization implements the infection prevention and control activities it has planned.) had the second highest non-compliance percentage at 43%. It only trailed PC.01.03.01 (The organization plans the patient's care.), which had a reported 58% non-compliance.

For nursing care centers, IC.02.01.01 (The organization implements its infection prevention and control plan.) came in third at 29% non-compliance. It only trailed HR.02.01.04 (The organization permits licensed independent practitioners to provide care, treatment and services.) at 36% and MM.03.01.01 (The organization safely stores medications.) at 30% non-compliance.

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