Measles Outbreak: 8 Resources for Outpatient Settings

Several outpatient center clients have recently contacted Infection Control Consulting Services (ICCS) regarding the measles epidemic and how outpatient settings should respond.

To help our clients and all outpatient settings, we have compiled a compendium of resources available for free access and download, and can be adopted for use, and shared links to them below. If you are in a high endemic area, start thinking about ways to leverage these and other resources before the outbreak gets out of hand. We have seen an exponential increase in cases in the United States over the course of the past few weeks and believe it's only a matter of time before all states report cases.

By sharing these resources and this guidance, we are not aiming to create the type of "hysteria" witnessed in 2014 concerning Ebola that ultimately did not affect most of the United States. However, the growing numbers of measles cases are cause for concern, as are the increasing number of "anti-vaxxers" in those communities where high rates are seen, thus putting others at risk. It is reasonable to believe that such individuals live in communities throughout the country, so it would be wise for all healthcare providers, including outpatient settings, to be proactive in their efforts to educate their patient communities and reduce the likelihood of new outbreaks.

Measles Resources 

1. Measles web graphics (infographics, button and banner for your website) from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

2. "Measles Surveillance Toolkit for Healthcare Settings" from the Arizona Department of Health Services (includes numerous resources, including a screening tool, signage, a case tracking form and an exposure event worksheet)

3. "Minimize Measles Transmission in Health Care Settings" two-page booklet from the Minnesota Department of Health

4. "When to Suspect and Test for Measles" poster from the Minnesota Department of Health

5. "Measles Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) for Non-Symptomatic Susceptible Contacts" booklet from the Minnesota Department of Health

6. "Common Rashes/Illnesses in Children" poster from NYC Health

7. "Preventing Measles in Health Care Settings During an Outbreak" booklet from NYC Health

8. Measles fact sheet from the Maryland Department of Health