Infection Prevention Tip: Manufacturer’s Expiration Date for Peel Pouch Packs

Expired pn.png

Are you aware that manufacturers of peel pouch/peel pack items may indicate a product expiration date on the box of individual pouches or the peel pouch roll? ICCS consultants have recently observed surveyors citing central processing departments if they fail to adhere to the instructions related to the expiration date.

This can be confusing for facilities that follow the AORN “event-related” standard for “expiration of reprocessed items.” Event related indicates that a sterilized item does not have to be reprocessed when unused at certain intervals unless the packaging has been compromised. However, in the case of peel pouches, if a sterilized item is not used within the time frame of expiration of the pouch itself, the item should be reprocessed.

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