Phenelle Segal Discusses ASC Antibiotic Stewardship With Becker's

In a new column published by Becker's Infection Control & Clinical Quality, ICCS Founder Phenelle Segal, RN, CIC, discusses ambulatory surgery center antibiotic stewardship programs.

The piece is titled "3 challenges ASC face in multidisciplinary antibiotic stewardship program implementation."

As the column notes, "Antibiotic stewardship is a key component of infection prevention, and may be quite challenging as antibiotic stewardship varies across the continuum of care. ... While hospitals have been working for several years to develop these programs, the concept is relatively new for ASCs and they face a certain set of challenges when devising a program."

The ASC antibiotic stewardship challenges identified by Phenelle concern the following:

  1. Inappropriate antibiotic use
  2. Lack of resources to integrate a multidisciplinary approach
  3. Education and guidelines deficit

View the Becker's column by clicking here.

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