Upcoming Presentations

ICCS Founder Phenelle Segal, RN, CIC, FAPIC, will be presenting at these upcoming events. To schedule an on-site meeting, or request Phenelle present for your organization, please contact ICCS.

Georgia/South Carolina Ambulatory Surgery Association: “Controversial Infection Control Practices in Ambulatory Surgery Centers” (August 15, 2019)

APIC 2019: “Breaches in Dental Infection Prevention: Could This Be Your Practice?” (June 14, 2019)

Previous Presentations (from 2010-)

Florida Society of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (April 2018)

Georgia/South Carolina Ambulatory Surgery Association (February 2018)

ASCA's Winter Seminars: "The Role of the Infection Preventionist" and "Infection Control Risk Assessment" (January 2018)

OR Excellence: "Infection Prevention Patrol: Keeping Law and Order in Your Perioperative Setting" (October 2017)

FSASC Annual Conference & Trade Show: "CMS Requirements and Infection Prevention" (July 2017)

Gulf States ASC Conference: "CMS Requirements for ASCs – Updated Surveyor's Worksheet" (June 22)

Massachusetts Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (MAASC): Presentations on "Infection Prevention and QAPI" and "CMS Surveyor’s Updated Worksheet and Ongoing Deficiencies" (October 2016)

Tennessee Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (TASCA): Presentations on "CMS Requirements for ASCs – Updated Surveyor’s Worksheet" and "Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization" (September 2016)

Ohio Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (OAASC): Pre-Conference Workshop (September 2016)

ASCA — "The Role of Infection Prevention and Control in an ASC QAPI Program" (May 2016)

ASCA (webinar) — "The Updated Infection Control Surveyor Worksheet for ASCs—What You Need to Know" (February 2016)

ASCA — "Infection Control: Confronting New and Existing Challenges during Surveys and Daily Practice" (May 2015)

FSASC — "Infection Prevention: A QAPI Approach" (April 2015)

ICT Digital Summit (webinar) — "HAI Prevention Imperatives" (May 2014)

Masspro — "HAI Prevention: A Systems Approach" (April 2014)

Vendome (webinar) — "Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) in the Long-Term Care Setting: Impact, Challenges and Prevention Strategies" (April 2014)

Vendome (webinar) — "Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) in the Long-Term Care Setting" (December 2013)

Covenant Surgical Partners — "Infection Control in the ASC Setting" (October 2013)

AMSURG Center Leadership Conference — "Findings and Guidance from the World of an ASC Infection Prevention and Control Consultant" (October 2013)

APIC — Clostridium difficile Educational and Consensus Conference (March 2013)

ASCOA — "Breaches in Infection Prevention and Control" (October 2012)

ORX — "Is This Proper Infection Control?" (October 2012)

Massachusetts Coalition for Prevention of Medical Errors — "Infection Prevention and Control: Challenges for Long-Term Care" (June 2012)

Massachusetts Coalition for Prevention of Medical Errors — "Clostridium difficile Management in Healthcare Facilities" (January 2012)

APIC (webinars) — CAUTI (December 2011)

Becker's ASC — "Infection Control in ASCs: Best Practices and Current Ideas" (October 2011)

PA Patient Safety Authority — Series of presentations on infection prevention programs for acute care, long-term care and ambulatory surgery facilities (2011)

Pennsylvania Medical Directors — "Nursing Home Health-Care-Associated Infection (HAI) Data Update" (October 2010)

Health Care Improvement Foundation — Regional C. diff Collaborative (March 2010)