Case Study: Oral Surgery Center in Jeopardy After Patient Complains to Dental Board


An oral surgery office in the Northeast received an unannounced visit by its state department of health (DOH). The visit came at the instruction of the dental board following a patient complaint that a used glove found in the parking lot of the practice.  While the glove most likely fell out of a trash bag when being transported, the DOH conducted a full review of the office’s practices and found several deficiencies.

The office was given one week in which to remediate the deficiencies as it was threatened with a shutdown if practices remained suboptimal.


Infection Control Consulting Services (ICCS) was engaged by the owner of the practice to assist with identifying issues relating to poor practices, develop a full infection prevention written program as well as a  new policy and procedure manual. In addition, ICCS worked side by side with DOH to ensure that its requirements were enforced.


  • Provided an initial two-day visit.
  • Identified specific gaps in practice.
  • Provided staff with guidelines for infection prevention in the dental setting.
  • Assessed methods of disposal of used items.
  • Assessed bloodborne pathogen exposure control program.
  • Conducted an in-depth assessment of reprocessing procedures.
  • Rapid development of an infection prevention manual for dental facilities (completed within one week of the DOH visit).
  • Provided education for dental staff on various aspects of infection prevention practice.
  • Conducted a return visit to ensure new practices were implemented and maintained.


Several practices were introduced and/or updated. A written program was instituted. A return visit by the DOH revealed a very satisfactory report. The practice hired ICCS to continue with annual visits and ongoing written updates.