Infection Prevention Tip: Determine If Your Enzymatic Detergent Requires a Temperature Test

Do you know that use of enzymatic detergents to clean instruments and devices in preparation for high-level disinfection and/or sterilization may require testing the temperature of water prior to use? The requirement to perform this important step is often missed if the instructions for use (IFUs) are printed on a brochure attached to the lid of the detergent bottle and are discarded by the user without reading. Several products include the instructions printed directly on the plastic bottle.

If a temperature range is noted, using a liquid thermometer is best. and ensure that you document the temperature with each premix. If there is no mention of optimum temperature, omit this step. Some products will note the following: “works in all temperatures” (see image below).

This tip is further support for always reading and following IFUs.