AORN Previews Changes to Surgical Attire Guideline

The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) has published a preview of four likely changes to its guideline on surgical attire.

In this Periop Today article, Lisa Spruce, AORN director of evidence-based practice and lead author of the forthcoming guideline update, highlights the following proposed updates:

  • Covering of arms. AORN is likely to recommend that arms only be covered when performing patient skin antisepsis.

  • Wearing clothing under scrubs. AORN is considering allowing facilities to dictate the types of clothing perioperative staff may wear under scrubs and how such clothing should be laundered.

  • Choice of head and facial hear cover. AORN expects to add a recommendation allowing facilities to determine the type of head coverings healthcare professionals can use to cover their head and facial hair during perioperative care.

  • Practices for covering ears. AORN will likely recommend interdisciplinary teams establish their own practices for ear covering and safe earring wear in the perioperative setting.

The article notes that AORN is also considering changes in several other areas, including scrub attire, changing attire, wearing dresses or leggings and storing scrubs in lockers.

The current guideline was published in 2015. The updated guideline goes up for public comment in January 2019.

Learn about the series of events that led to AORN revising its surgical attire guideline and the possible implications of these changes in this special report from Infection Control Consulting Services (ICCS).