ICCS Infection Prevention & Infection Control Newsletter (March 2019)

Highlights of this issue, which covers another busy month of infection prevention and control news, include a special report on instructions for use and stories on outpatient surgical guidelines, dental infection compliance, PPE, staph and polymyxins.

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Special Report: Manufacturer's Instructions for Use: Keeping Your Facility Compliant — This ICCS Special Report explains the importance of and provides guidance on complying with instructions for use.
ECRI: Infection Risks, Antimicrobial Stewardship Top Patient Safety Concerns — No surprise to see issues like infection and antimicrobial stewardship take spots on ECRI Institute's annual "Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for Healthcare Organizations" report.
Study: Outpatient Surgical Infection Guidelines Adherence Improves With Ancillary Services Support — "Lower complexity facilities with limited infection prevention and antimicrobial stewardship resources may be important targets for quality improvement."
Infection Control Compliance a Frequent Dental Board of California Citation — Our consultants are witnessing a similar trend around the country.
Study: Improper Personal Protective Equipment Practices Spread Contamination — Guidelines keep everyone safer. Now we just need to ensure everyone always follows them.
CDC: Nearly 20,000 People Died From Staph Infections in 2017 — Success in battling staph is slowing, with a rise in infections possibly connected to the opioid crisis.
New Clinical Usage Guidelines Issued for Superbug Antibiotic — Important new guidelines issued for the use of polymyxin antibiotics.
Germ-Fighting Catheter Coating May Help Prevent Infections — A team of biomedical engineers and infectious disease specialists developed a coating to keep intravascular catheters from becoming a haven for harmful bacteria. 
Antibiotics and Proton Pump Inhibitors Linked to Increased Risk of Infectious Diarrhea in Children — A study shows that prior antibiotic exposure and use of proton pump inhibitors may increase the risk for hospitalized children to contract dangerous Clostridioides difficile infections.
WHO Launches New Global Influenza Strategy — The goal is to prevent seasonal influenza, control the spread of influenza from animals to humans and prepare for the next influenza pandemic.
Subsidies for Infection Control Help Reduce Infection Levels at Healthcare Facilities — Researchers found that a matching subsidy, in which policymakers match hospital spending for infection control measures, was the most effective at reducing the number of hospital-acquired infections.


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