ICCS Infection Prevention & Infection Control Newsletter (December 2018)

December tends to be slow for news, but not last month. Highlights include two ICCS Special Reports on proper practices and unsafe injection practices as well as stories on infection control lapses at an ambulatory surgery center (ASC), "smart" infection control policy, guidance for anesthesia, "Christmas Trees" and stethoscope risks.

Stay tuned for a special "year in review" newsletter later this month that will cover highlights from 2018.

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Special Report: Infection Control Under Heightened Scrutiny: 10 Key Reminders — To help your facility deliver safe, compliant care and avoid unwanted media attention, here are critical reminders about proper infection prevention and control practices.
Special Report: Watch Out! These Injection Practices Endanger Safety and Compliance — A recent ICCS visit to a pain management facility presented many examples of major breaches in safe injection practices, which are shared in this report.
Infection Control Lapses at N.J. Surgery Center Possibly Expose Thousands to Bloodborne Pathogens — Alleged lapses in proper infection control practices for instrument sterilization and cleaning and medication injections may have exposed nearly 3,800 patients at a New Jersey ASC to bloodborne pathogens.
Does Your Organization Have a 'Smart' Infection Control Policy? — Mobile technology has taken on a much greater importance in the delivery of healthcare. This surge has brought with it growing concerns about infection risks associated with smart devices and other handheld electronics.
New SHEA Guidance - Infection Control in Anesthesiology — The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA), in collaboration with anesthesia societies, released an expert guidance with recommendations to improve infection prevention in operating room anesthesia services.
Infection Prevention Tip: Be Careful How You Use 'Christmas Trees' — If your organization uses "Christmas tree" adapters, which connects the oxygen tubing to the flow meter, learn how to properly use these devices.
FDA Updates Recommendations for Duodenoscope Reprocessing — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a safety communication drawing attention to the ongoing challenge of effective cleaning and disinfection of duodenoscopes.
Stem Cell Shots Linked to Outbreak of Bacterial Infection — At least 12 patients in three states — Florida, Texas and Arizona — became infected after getting injections for problems like joint and back pain.
DNA Study Shows Stethoscopes Loaded with Bacteria, Including Staphylococcus — Stethoscopes carried by healthcare practitioners are loaded with diverse bacteria, including some that can cause healthcare-associated infections, according to a new study.
Checklist for Hospital Antimicrobial Stewardship Programming — Researchers have developed a checklist for hospital antimicrobial stewardship programming (CHASP). CHASP is based on an expert panel's review of published scientific research and existing checklists
Hospital Privacy Curtains and Bed Sheets: Soft Surface Contamination and Transmission — Healthcare textiles and other soft surfaces can fly under the radar in terms of the role they may play in the transmission of infectious agents.
Joint Commission Issues Flu Prevention Safety Advisory — The Joint Commission issued an advisory concerning flu prevention in healthcare organizations.
Childhood Infections May Trigger Mental Illness— A large Danish population-based study provides strong evidence of an association between childhood infection, antibiotic treatment, and subsequent neuropsychiatric disorders.


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